Within the walls of St. George’s Castle, 
on a very quiet and safe neighbourhood.
One of the most exclusive locations 
of Lisbon historic district.

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    15 minutes walking between METRO (BAIXA-Chiado) and CASTLE

    Location in Google Maps:
     Kalathos House - apartments - located within the walls of Lisbon Castle
    x,y (38.712848, -9.132524)
    Beco do Forno do Castelo, 18 -- 1100-250 Lisboa

    Right in the heart of the fortress, KALATHOS HOUSE is located within the walls of St. George’s Castle ("Muralha da Alcáçova") and has one of the most exclusive locations of Lisbon, on the very quiet, safe and famous neighbourhood of Castelo / Alfama, 5 minutes walking from shops, bars, restaurants, museums and theatres. 15 min walk to subway station of "Baixa-Chiado". 

    If you look for the "Pingo Doce" supermarket or "Zambeze" restaurant on maps (less than 400 meters far from kalathos House), there is an free elevador (at Chão do Loureiro viewpoint) down to the next level and crossing the square at the bottom leads to a second free elevador, so within minutes you are in central, comercial, and old neighbourhood of BAIXA, near subway stations, trams, cabs, buses, etc..

    And the nearest BUS stop is only 150 meters away, connecting via Bus No. 737, the Castle to Figueira Square, every 10 minutes.

    Our 1 bedroom apartments hosts up to 4. Wi-Fi Broadband is available.

    Enjoy a pleasent break on house private patios if you stay on ground floor apartments: Kalathos House One or Kalathos House Two. Chose our lodgements and dive inside the walled neighbourhood of the Lisbon Castle and stay in a house placed in a site full of history – some of the remains found around date from as far back as the 6th century BC.

    Archaeological evidences on the zone made it possible to discover traces of the presence of Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims, confirming the human occupation of this area since very remote times. The most passionate about history and archaeology, after staying in this apartments with modern conditions of hospitality but with solid foundations on ancient history, will be able to observe the archaeological pieces that were found also at "Kalathos House" during its reconstruction, in the Museum of the St. George Castle, just a mere hundred metres far.


    1 private patio (23 m²) - 
    - 1 dining living room (with sofa-bed) -
     - 1 bedroom with 1 double bed - 
    -1 kitchen - 1 wc - receive up to 4 people:

    1 private patio (13 m²) - 
    -1 dining living room (with sofa-bed) - 
    - 1 bedroom with 2 single bed side by side -
     1 kitchen - 1 wc - receive up to 4 people:

    - 1 living dining room (with sofa-bed) - 
    - 1 bedroom with 2 single bed side by side -
    1 kitchen - 1 bathroom - receive up to 4 people:

    The Neighbourhood photos:
    St. Jorge's door -  Alcáçova Walls and inside streets
    Inside the Castle / Lisbon and Tagus River view
    Inside Alcáçova Walls - St. Jorge's Castle
    Inside the Castle / "Dom Afonso Henriques" - first king of Portugal

    Some objects and remains found during 
    Kalathos House reconstructuion:
    Archaeological museum inside the Castle
    Permanent Exhibition
    Open for visitation, the collection consists of objects found in the archaeological area (Archaeological Site) and provides an introduction to the various cultures and lifestyles from the 7th century B.C. to the 18th century which contributed to building modern-day Lisbon, with particular emphasis on the Moorish period from the 11th – 12th centuries.

    Vaso "Kalathos", decoberto durante as obras de reconstrução.
    During the building rehabilitation, was discovered an ancient Iberian vase named Kalathos, vase in the form of a top hat, used to keep the wool or fruits, often used in ancient Greek art as a symbol of abundance and fertility. This name was used to baptize our modern lodgement building, with its 3 apartements for turistic acomodation.